Batten Down The Hatches!

On 12th August the John Pinkerton II was taken over by Pirates who raised the Jolly Roger for the pirate cruise and treasure hunt!

The shipmates boarded at Colt Hill wharf and soon realised that something was going on. Pirate Pete told us a tale about some buried treasure and said that he had found a map showing that it was near the castle. As we set off to the castle with the motley crew in charge, the shipmates got busy making pirate hats and decorating their swords.

When we reached the castle everyone was given a copy of the map and followed the trail through the jungle to look for the treasure chest. The chest was found, but not before several shipmates had a sword fight with Pirate Pete.

Back on board, the treasure was shared amongst the weary shipmates as we headed for home.

Thanks to all the pirate crew and lovely shipmate families for a fabulous afternoon.