An update on the work done by the regular weekend work party

Fencing off the Society land at Odiham

The work party has been finishing off the fence along the boundary of the land the society purchased that extends from the Galleon Marine yard downstream to the embankment of the Odiham bypass bridge. We did most of the main run from the Galleon end towards the bypass in Late October and November, but then we were delayed by fallen trees. Over the years a number of the Leylandii on this land have fallen over. Those that had fallen onto or across the canal have been cleared. However about seven fairly substantial ones had fallen against the road embankment. While these did not affect the road or canal, they laid across the boundary of our land, so had to be cut up & dragged out of the way. 

We hope to be back clearing more trees by the time you read this.

Removing Rubbish (Well actually a Land Rover chassis!)
The last weekend before Christmas there was a report that boats could not get under Colt Hill bridge even though the water level had only been dropped by about 75mm. When the work party. were moving the work boat from the barn to the wharf, we saw that something was in the water. We tried to get it out with grappling irons but it was heavy & could not hooked it properly. We just happened to have a JCB there so this was called in to help. This pulled out a fairly new Land Rover chassis that had been cut into four sections, presumably to make it man-handleably by two roughs to dump overthe bridge parapet. The chassis numbers had been removed!!  Why oh why do people dump stuff in the canal?!