A Boater’s Viewpoint

We’ve just spent a week on the Basingstoke canal and are so thrilled we decided to go there – it’s amazing! From the moment you get on to it (from the River Wey) up to the top by the relic of Odiham Castle, it is beautiful. Tree lined, a super towpath and clear water. We met several people who were just pleased to see a boat! It seems like a hidden gem- there are 29 locks but always a ranger/lockkeeper somewhere nearby if you need them.

Because there’s no continuous supply of water (even though a river is extremely close), the water level can drop. Especially memorable moments will be going past Pirbright Barracks while the band was playing.

If you love treelined quiet canals the Basingstoke is a must – but always check it’s open by phoning their office and you need to book anyway- we loved it!

John and Liz Marston from the narrowboat On Reflection