Month: June 2021

Volunteering – Help Needed!

We are victims of our success! And we need your help! The Canal restoration is the result of fantastic work. Since then, the Society has continued to support the Canal actively, albeit it has notably stepped up the work over the past few years, creating the need for more volunteers.  We have ambitious plans for […]

Project Update (by John Turner)

The Society is busy with several ongoing projects, most of which are long term in their progress. Particular projects of interest include: Information Boards – the 15 new information boards are proposed to be installed during 2021 at locations along the length of the canal. BCA agrees to the locations and themes, and Greenhouse Graphics has […]

A Hive of Activity!

Wow, there is lots going on along the canal – and a lot planned! It’s has been great to see lots of activity on the canal recently. Over the Bank Holiday weekend we had a group of 10 boats some up (the crews all socially distanced of course!), with several going all the way up […]

History – where it all began…

History – where it all began With it being the 30th anniversary of the opening let’s just remind ourselves of the initiative to restoring our canal – and why we need to continue to look after it! Back in 1966, it looked like the long chequered history of the old Basingstoke Canal appeared to be […]

Bulletin: Canals, Health & Wellbeing

Our canals and waterways play an important role in wellbeing, inclusion and future prospects for communities and individuals – and the Society very much endorses this. We will be actively promoting the health benefits in our work with the local community and councils. By way of background, the National Planning Policy Framework, aimed at promoting healthy communities, […]